Content Marketing Expert

Hi! I'm Kyril Kotashev and I am a freelance content marketing consultant, writer, and a startup founder.


  • Content Marketing: SEO and social media content strategies; influencer marketing;

  • Content Creation: written & video

  • Project Management: Scrum, agile, lean startup

  • Sales: B2B, B2C (digital products)

  • Digital Marketing: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and email campaigns


  • Design: web design; graphic design; UI & UX; wireframing;

  • Research: domain, topic, and market research;

Content Portfolio:

1,500,000 +
Unique Readers

500 +
Published Content Pieces

Kyril "MrNiceGuy" Kotashev Reader Reception

Experience & Case Studies:

Content Marketing Strategy: blog traffic increased from 0 to 240,000 unique monthly visitors with an organic content marketing campaign within 6 months (SEO, Reddit, social media);
Case Study: How I grew my gaming blog from 0 to 500k monthly pageviews in 6 months

Content Creation: more than 300 pieces of blog posts and articles on different topics published for clients or my projects; content read by more than 1.5 million unique readers;Project Management: successfully led two product development projects from idea stage to market launch under the lean and agile principles;B2B Sales: successfully raised a $90k pre-seed round for a startup; secured a $30k advertising contract thanks to specialized content; established a contractual relationship with 14 influencer partners and handshake deals with many others;
Case Study: How I secured a $30k advertising contract with barely any traffic